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Fortin’s offers a full range of backfilling and pre-loading services.  Backfilling is necessary for foundations, landscaping, and filling voids.  By using different types of soil, sand and other materials with specific properties we can achieve the optimum desired characteristics for proper drainage, weight, and other considerations.

Pre-loading is done with either sand or soil in order to put weight on the ground and push it down, increasing soil density and accelerating the settling process.

Our full line of backfilling and pre-loading services includes:

  • Movement of soils back in place around foundations
  • Sand and gravel is imported to site and placed carefully around pipe work
  • Deeper crawl spaces may require drier materials imported
  • Materials may be tamped with packers to achieve compaction
  • Sites are leveled within very small tolerances for future landscaping
  • Creativity with our experience comes with cutting back to new grades
  • Preloading is done with sand or soil to accelerate ground settling