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Here is some of the equipment that we use.



We have many different makes and models of excavators, from mini all the way up.  We have the right size equipment for your excavation needs.

End Dump Trailer


Our 30 cubic yard End Dump Trailer, can haul away your dirt, concrete or blacktop or deliver your gravel, sand, and top soil

Peterbilt Hook Lift Truck


Our new Peterbilt Hook Lift Truck with one of our new 22 cubic yard containers.

Loading Equipment Trailer


Our Tilting Deck Equipment Trailer has a 25ton capacity and aids us in moving machinery quickly on short notice.

Demolition Trailer


80 cubic yard Demolition Trailer used to transport materials for recycling.

Loading Trucks


We have a number of trucks as well as sub-trade contact haulers we can call on, giving us a large variety of sizes of trucks and other equipment.

Bobcat loader


Used for moving materials long distances on site.